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Stories To Strip By

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valentines zombie

by Julie

So guess what?!  Because The Nightmares Before Christmas worked out so astoundingly well, and we discovered so many new voices and friends this way, we are hosting another short story segment in February!  For the new challenge, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we are pleased to present Romance and Erotica stories!

Sorry folks, this one is invitation only.  You will see some writers you’ve grown to love here before, and you will meet some new carefully selected ones as well! This is going to be fantastical.

For those who are submitting here are the rules.  As much as I will allow.  (Wildcard, remember?)

1) The first rule of Stories to Strip By is you don’t talk about Stories to Strip By

2) It is 1000 words.  It is not more than 1000 words.  Do not pass go.  Do not collect more than 1000 words. I am warning you.

3) One story only, ladies and gentlemen.

4)Bring it to us by January 31st.  We see the sexy first.

And here I am to tell you, if you think it’s too dirty, it’s not.  And if you think it will be offensive, I hope so.  And if it’s sexy as hell, please do.  And if it’s not dirty, and makes me swoon and dream of a Prince Charming, that works too!  Challenge yourselves here, make this something that helped you grow as a writer.

This is going to be sweet and steamy and I cannot wait.


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12 thoughts on “Stories To Strip By

  1. I was invited Yay!

  2. That would be a challenge.

  3. This one gets me nervous… 😛

  4. Christopher Shawbell on said:

    I am turning my stretch-o-ampli-meter up to 11. You have been warned.

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