Deadly Ever After

Everything You Wanted to Know About the Undead Duo and Some Things You Didn’t

TODAY’S BREW: For Julie Sam Adams.  Kristen is on straight coffee.  It is 8PM.

December was fun.  The Nightmares Before Christmas was a lot of fun. But Kristen and I were very quiet for the whole month.  And we aren’t good at that.  It’s time for you to see what we do and how we write.  Get excited about getting to know us.  We are super fantastic.

We are, once again, writing this post passing the laptop back and forth, so enjoy trying to figure out who the hell is speaking.

The Undead Duo was not always such.  We were once awkward children the ages of 9 and 10 that lived in an apartment complex with a kick ass pool, sledding hill that could have killed many children (and did maim Kristen’s arm), tennis court turned roller skating rink, and the best games of neighborhood wide hide and seek that you could imagine.  As teenagers, we scrounged change  and hit the road to go to concerts, graced our presence at parties we had no business being at (or any business living to tell about), and started writing as a way to entertain ourselves.  In our day, sonny, there was no internet.  We just had Headbanger’s Ball on MTV and a notebook to entertain ourselves.  We never really grew up per se, but we did get older.  Both Julie and I did time as retail managers for the same extremely well known lingerie company.  After years in retail purgatory, we both escaped and began to write together again.

I almost said the weirdest thing about us, but that’s not true….one of the oddest things about us as a duo is that we are beyond totally different.  I mean, there isn’t a whole lot more different than we are.  There are many many differences which we shall chronicle in part here.

Kristen: hair band lover

Julie: punk enthusiast

Kristen: great cook

Julie: would die without pizza delivery

Kristen: enjoys cowboys

Julie: does not.

Kristen: enjoys fancy drinks

Julie: enjoys beer, much beer

Kristen:  has a bird

Julie: has reptiles and Mexican dog

Kristen: reads erotica, paranormal, dirty rock n’ roll biographies

Julie: reads sci fi, horror, paranormal

Kristen: house decorated in authentic 70’s decor

Julie: lives in Legoland

Kristen:  digs chick flicks and comedy movies

Julie: digs horror and Kung Fu n=movies

Kristen: night-writing with a plan

Julie: raw morning writing

Kristen: goes to zumba classes

Julie: a martial arts champion

Kristekn: is a football savant

Julie:  preferes hockey and boxing

This all culminates in Julie being the Wildcard and the Muscle of this operation, and Kristen being the Brains and Beauty.


Julie attempted to sell Kristen off in marriage to a hot dog vending gentleman on the streets of Manhattan.


Julie-I, the Muscle/Wildcard began my book while on maternity leave with my first child.  An emotional crash test dummy, I spent 8 weeks nursing, watching the Departed and over and over, and finally giving in and reading Twilight.   Once I saw my favorite actor become one of my favorite comic superheroes, Iron Man, and heard the Kings of Leon’s Closer, it all fell into place.  Out of these unrelated events, a trilogy in the making was born.

Kristen-I got drunk on July Fourth and had a dream about a girl trying to make her way in Las Vegas.  I felt so strongly about it I actually moved to Las Vegas to research my story.  Turns out, I think my friend left Showgirls on while I slept off my drinking.  But the attempt to write a book was born.  All my life, I would make up stories to get my mind off of the drama of the day so I could go the f&%k to sleep.  I combined those characters and my experiences in Las Vegas to write Immortal Dilemma.

So, one fine day I let it out that I, Julie, had been working on a novel, and Kristen had been quietly doing the same.  While mine was finished…completely in longhand…Kristen was just getting started on hers.  We decided to work together on the  goal of getting them ready for the world, and started right away.  Kristen was hashing out her ideas, and I was just trying to get them out of various notebooks into one laptop. We committed to regularly scheduled writing dates, and dude, we did it.


We meet in sweatpants.  This is always how it is.  Pajamas or sweatpants.  This is how writers write.  There is coffee if we are writing original content.  There is alcohol for queries and synopses.  It’s always at Kristen’s place, because my place has kids in it.  We meet halfway on music and listen to alternative something or other.  The bird cheers us on.  Pizza is involved.  And we feel really, really bad if we don’t accomplish a crap ton of stuff.  I read Kristen’s stuff, and tell her to get more raw.  She reads mine and tells me to stop describing stuff.  But mostly we agree on things.  And we both care about the other’s success.  It’s fun, and not all about fun at the same time.  One thing that we both do exceedingly well is take shit over.  We do it a lot.  So it works to our favor that we forge ahead no matter what the circumstances, and keep each other afloat.  Winning.


We get things done.  Both Running Home and Immortal Dilemma are complete.  Both of us have sequels in the works, titled Running Away and Immortal Forever.  Kristen has also completed a prequel novella, and Julie has started two completely different new works.  We created this blog as a show case for all things related to our books, and anything else we damn please.


Expect a good time.  We will post our own short stories often.  Individually, we write very differently, but when we pass the notebook back and forth lunacy ensues.  We want to continue writing our short series The Plan, which we gave a second installment of on Christmas.  We both are freakishly excited to write some short stories involving our novels’ characters, and there will be plenty of surprises to be had there.  You can hear about our writing process, a bunch of stuff on vampire mythology and whatnot, some work from you guys, and any stuff we like because nobody can tell us not to.  Sit back and enjoy the ride.





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4 thoughts on “Everything You Wanted to Know About the Undead Duo and Some Things You Didn’t

  1. I loved it! You ladies rock as writers, as ladies, and as friends. Blessed was the day you found me and I your blog! Can’t wait to see what you both do in the next year. It’ll be one hell of a ride I’m guessing and I get to stand on the sidelines and cheer you on.
    Thanks for a great few months of friendship and here’s to many years more.

  2. Lots of us bloggers have been pretty quiet in December. Maybe that sap of energy is what the Mayans were talking about… 😉

    Great “bio”, Julie & Kristen!

    Happy New Year!

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