Deadly Ever After


Just in time for the final installment of The Twilight Saga to hit theaters, a “vampire” skeleton has been unearthed in England. The skeleton, which is estimated to be as much as 1,500 years old, was discovered bound in irons, with metal spikes through its shoulders, heart and ankles, according to a new report from Southwell Archaeology.

The skeleton was originally discovered by archaeologist Charles Daniels back in 1959, while hunting for Roman ruins in the ancient town of Southwell, Nottinghamshire in England. What he found was a skeleton who was given the full anti-vampire treatment — suggesting that the person who belonged to the skeleton was dangerous when alive, according to the Daily Mail. John Lock, chairman of Southwell Archaeology, told The Telegraph, that the body was one of a handful of such burials to be found in the UK.

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  1. Ok WOW… Besides not being very sparkly I would say being run through like that must be a real bitch… All for being an “Oath Breaker”? AH! I am a habitual disturber of the peace! I would be so dead back then lol Great article!

  2. They hadn’t invented glitter makeup back then. And might I add, glitter is the cockroach of the makeup kit. You can never get rid of it. Nothing’s worse than coming off a creative job and going on to some corporate job and swiping some renegade glitter on a bald CEO’s head. CEOs shouldn’t sparkle, either.


  3. J C Michael on said:

    There was a documentary aired on these burials earlier in the year here in the UK. Much of the ritual was to prevent the corpses of wrongdoers coming back from the dead. All interesting stuff.

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