Deadly Ever After

Devilish Desire by Zoey Derrick


TODAY’S BREW: Abysmal homemade blend I call French Mintnog Nut. Don’t try it.

The Undead Duo forced Miss Zoey Derrick to write outside of her comfort zone to appease us.   Success! Enjoy this wonderful little read!


Today was such a beautiful day, spending Christmas Day with my family and my boyfriend was something that had scared the hell out of me when the idea was brought up. My boyfriend, Link, is someone that generally gets along with everyone. At least I had no problems getting to know him. Now I am beginning to understand why.

I am panting, out of breath. My heart is pounding out a rhythm beneath my ribs that has my whole body trembling. I’m running. One foot in front of the other, but it feels like I am on a street long treadmill. I can’t get to the end of the block that I see up ahead. He’s behind me, chasing me.

The man I thought I loved turned out to be something more, something unexpected. Something that I had only ever read about in books or seen on tv. I never, not in my wildest of nightmares expected him to be something of fantasy.

He is stalking me, forcing me to run from him. Why? Why am I running from him? If everything I have read in books is true, just like this is coming to be, then I should be dead. Right?

I’m still running and finally I am coming towards the end of the empty block, I turn back and he’s gone. I skid to a halt. “What the hell?”

“Looking for me?” His voice is sweet and sensual. Desire courses through my body. My body’s reaction throws me off guard. I shouldn’t be attracted to this man, a man that is trying to kill me.

I feel a magnetic pull course over my body. Pulling me backwards, back into his arms. “NO!” I scream and I start to fight the feeling and try to run back the way that I came. The pull I feel releases and a shoot forward like a slingshot and I am running again. Once I have managed to gain my balance I look up to look where I am going and there he is.

Standing about twenty feet in front of me, I skid to a halt again. “What do you want from me?” I shout at him.

“I want you, with me, forever.” A slow seductive smile crosses his lips and I can’t help the sharp intake of breath that wracks my entire body.

“You…” I take another deep breath, “You want to kill me?”

He doesn’t respond, just shakes his head in a silent “No”.

The pull has returned, it is harder to fight in my forward position. This pull cannot be real, he cannot have this kind of physical effect on me, can he?

I look to my left and there he is. I look to my right, and he is there. I start to turn and he is there, right behind me, reaching his arms out to embrace me into his arms. I take advantage and take off in the opposite direction.

Before I can make it ten feet, I become aware of his presence in front of me and my running has me catapulting into the air. I see him getting closer, the snow strewn streets, the sparsely lit windows and buildings covered in Christmas lights as I slam into him. He catches me. Picks me up and takes off. I quickly realize that he is running faster than humanly possible. I scream.

“What are you? Why were you chasing me?” I shout at him. He continues to race down the street. It is empty; not that anyone could see us anyway. I could see the streams of Christmas lights blurring past us as we made our way to God knows where. The motion was starting to make me dizzy and I closed my eyes. I could feel Link’s hands on me, rubbing, caressing. “What do you want from me?” I whispered.

“Who and what I am are none of your concern. What I want from you, you will give me freely, without hesitation. I can feel your want and desire for me. It is washing over me in waves. You will do this and you will be mine, Forever.” His voice was menacing and seductive all at the same time.

For a moment, I had images running through my head. A dark shadow stalking me, enveloping  my body completely. The room is dark and I can see flames flickering in the distance. The image changes, the shadow is gone and Link appears before me. Naked! Wearing nothing but a set of horns.

My eyes flew open. “You’re the devil?” My eyes closed again and everything went….


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28 thoughts on “Devilish Desire by Zoey Derrick

  1. OOOooOOO this was so good, Zoey. I was thinking vampire. He wanted to make her one too. Didn’t expect devil until the horns showed up.
    Loved it!

  2. Reblogged this on Zoey Derrick and commented:
    Thank you Undead Duo and for sharing my short story.
    You guys are the best!

  3. Nice work! See, nothing to be afraid of!

  4. dylanjmorgan on said:

    I liked it. Good story. I too thought vampire (it had me thinking Twilight and for that I apologize) so to have him be the devil was a nice ending to the story.

    You should try more of this genre, Zoey.

    • thanks Dylan, it was a lot of fun to write, and I think I just might have to try my hand at completing this story or starting another one with similar lines.
      Thanks for the great feedback. I am really glad you liked it.

  5. I was thinking vampire too! I liked the innocuous set-up in the first paragraph shifting suddenly & then we’re plopped into a “running-for-my-life” scene. And of course there’s the forbidden desire…desire made more potent by the perception that giving into it would mean destruction. Hawt.

  6. I loved it Zoey! Great twist at the end! I’d love to know the middle & end; now I know the beginning! Great job! You really do need to write in this genre more, pretty please?!

    • Thanks Lovely! I do believe Crystal has convinced me that this story should be continued beyond what is written here. I have agreed to do so. When I do, I will let you and everyone else know. :-)!

  7. What a great story!! And a tricky twist! Loved it! I’d definetly like to read more! Great job!

  8. Copious Corpses on said:

    I am glad you chose to break out of your comfort zone. I enjoyed reading your work. Thank you!


    • Thanks CC! I am glad that I did too. It was liberating in a way, not to mention I have finally gotten my first piece out there for the world to see. Takes a little bit of the pressure off. :-)!

  9. WHAT? This was your first story you made public?? Wow. That makes Julie and I, well, you know….

    • Special? Awesome? Completely kickass? Those are all words I would use to describe you too, and then some.
      Officially over the internet, outside of manuals at work (hum drum boring), the school paper in high school like 13 years ago… yeah, I guess it truly is my first publicly posted short story and if you feel flattered you should, because I am flattered that you asked me to write something in the first place.
      So Suck it UP! and enjoy the thanks from the bottom of my heart!

      *Z* xxx

  10. Well written and fun! Of course, like everyone else, I thought vampire – so the twist at the end is real nice! Well done, made me curious to more of it – maybe expand on it a little on your own blog?

    It reminded me of that Rolling Stones song, can you guess which? “Please allow me to introduce myself… I’m a man of wealth and taste…”

    – Bobby (D2D on Twitter) 🙂

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  12. So for those of you that are interested…this story has no grown to over 3k words of pure delishish devilish type torture with one tied up heroine and a dominating devil.
    Thank you again Undead Duo for getting me to push my limits.


  13. That’s wonderful, Zoey.

  14. I am so excited about this, Zoey, and so glad we pushed you like drug lords into it. Dying to see this as it progresses!


  15. Awesome, Zoey! Is she tied up in the basement? Because it can’t be a Nightmare Holiday Story around here unless you have hot chicks trapped in the basement. Just ask Mr. Hewitt.

  16. dylanjmorgan on said:

    Great news, Zoey. Don’t stop now.

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