Deadly Ever After

For the Love of God, Say Something!

TODAY’S BREW:  Eggnog Minty Nut. All the grounds got mixed together.

I may have mentioned how unbelievably amped I am about The Nightmares Before Christmas month.  This is the first time the Undead Duo will showcase all of the incredible talents out there we have made friends with, and as a chronic supporter of people, this makes me very, very happy.

Part of the reason we are doing The Nightmares Before Christmas is so our fellow writers will be able to hear what readers think of their work.  It’s why Kristen and I post excerpts from our books, and write short stories, too.  We want to hear what you think!  It’s a big step for all involved to let the world see what comes from our weird little minds, so please don’t keep your opinion to yourself.

I am blown away by the stories we have received.  Kristen accuses me of being too nice, but in this case, not true.  Some of this stuff made me question my own ability.

I always have something to say.  I have an opinion on everything, and yet nobody ever tells me to shut up.  (Please don’t start now.)  Unlike most people who have too much to say, I actually want to hear what YOU have to say, too.  I want to hear it on Running Home.  I know Kristen wants to hear it on Immortal Dilemma.  And our buddies want to know what you think of their work, I promise you.

And yet, you are all so frigging quiet!  SAY SOMETHING!  It doesn’t matter if it’s nice or not.  Nobody likes people that are nice all the time, anyway, least of all me.  The contributing writers this month worked really hard to put something of quality up on Deadly Ever After, and they need to hear what you think!  If you are reading our friends’ stuff, please say something.  And then go check out their blogs, books, facebook pages, tweets, etc…  Don’t make me tell you what to do.  Are you satisfied with me telling you what to do?  You are a person, too, goddamnit.  Say something.

I say this in kindness, of course.


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5 thoughts on “For the Love of God, Say Something!

  1. You don’t know the can of worms you just opened.
    Hopefully people will take you seriously and offer their comments. Seems like I’m the only one who comments on almost everything here.
    I’m lonely here people! Comment with me!

  2. If and when you read our story on the site – be sure to comment! We’d love to hear your feedback or compliments once you’ve read it! It helps us become better writers and helps you become a better person! Win-Win!

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