Deadly Ever After

The Big 101!

TODAY’S BREW:  Still Mediocre Mocha Mint


Fine. Kristen wins, I posted the wrong post first, and now our 100th Post Celebration is actually our 101st Post Celebration.  And we don’t even have cake.  We should have had a cake.  Crap. If we did have a cake, it would be vampire shaped. It would be shaped like the Count from Sesame Street and it would be my favorite, red velvet.

In all seriousness, or as much seriousness as we can muster, here are our favorite moments from the last 100 (and one) posts!  Please read in a douchebag movie trailer voice.

  1. The Voices In My Head. On our second day, we had 5o views.  It’s not viral, but pretty darn good for day two for two girls with a new blog and a dream.  Still one of our most popular posts.
  2. We Want You to Scare The Hell Out Of Us!  We love this.  We love all your stories.  Keep ’em coming.  Until December 10, anyway.
  3. What Twilight Means To Me: Sappiness With Julie.  The post in which Julie bears her soul under the guise of a RPatz movie.
  4. The Extreme Writing Adventures of The Undead Duo.  Our epic trip to and from the Backspace Writers Conference.
  5. Do Fear the Reaper!:  Messing With the Classics on Halloween Wars.  Our most popular post ever.  And Julie thought it was lame.
  6. Speed Dating With The Dead.  A short story Julie and I wrote in the parking lot of Starbucks.  You guys didn’t pay enough attention to it, and it’s classic us.  Do yourself a favor and look at the f’n thing.
  7. Vampires, Eh?  What’s That All Aboot?  The post in which we learned that Canadians love themselves some Undead Duo.
  8. Celebrity Vampires We’d Like To See.  Two words:  Bea Arthur.
  9. They Like Me!  They Really Like Me!  The post in which Kristen announces she had hooked herself an awesome agent lady.
  10. Tonight We Rock Hartford.  Our first roadtrip ever.  In high school.  It set the tone for every trip we’ve taken by car since.  Do yourself a favor and read it.

Most of all, we thank you for supporting us, our lunacy, our imaginations, and our dreams.  We love that you have joined us on the journey to publication of Immortal Dilemma and Running Home.  We do things our own way around here, and we will continue doing that until, well, forever, damnit.


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6 thoughts on “The Big 101!

  1. Way to go ladies.

  2. Loved the trip down memory lane.

  3. Thanks! And thanks, Kristen for posting our compilation of crazy.

  4. I’ve been blogging for over 2 years and I still haven’t hit the magic 101 mark!

    Congratulations to you two! 😀

  5. We’ve been at it since June, so 6 months? Sometimes, we post 3 in one day, like yesterday. There was a lot to say! Usually we try for every other day. That was our goal and we are usually pretty consistent. We are two mouthy broads.


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