Deadly Ever After

New Adult November–Check It Out!

Today’s Brew:  Hot Cocoa. It’s snowing!

Please take a minute and check out Kristen’s guest post on Hannah Membrey’s Girl In A Cafe Blog!  It’s New Adult November at the Cafe. I tell you why I choose to write in this category and a little about how I got to the place where I was ready to write a book.  There’s also guest posts and interviews with other New Adult offers as well as some giveaways!  Stay ahead of the curve on this emerging trend and explore all things New Adult!


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6 thoughts on “New Adult November–Check It Out!

  1. I’m off to read it. I also like New Adult.

  2. You’re link seems to be broken…
    I’m going to try again.

  3. I found the problem…
    going to email you

  4. Thanks. I just fixed it. It works now.

  5. Wonderful post, Kristen. I’m happy dancing with you. Very inspiring.

  6. Aww, thanks. I had fun doing it. It was my first guest post and hopefully not the last!

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