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Things Kristen Does Like

TODAY’S BREW: Eggnog coffee! Stellar.

So, I realize my flaw in making Kristen sound like she doesn’t like anything in my post about Breaking Dawn recently.  Kristen likes lots of things.  Twilight movies are not one of them, and our tastes are vastly different, making us the coolest friends ever.

I shall now give you several things that Kristen does, in fact, like.

1.  Her sweet cockatiel, Mcgee.  She takes better care of this little guy than most parents do their babies.

2.  Travel.  This girl will travel like the dickens, and at the drop of a hat, and just for fun.

3.  70’s stuff.  Everybody likes the 80’s.  Lots of us like the 90’s.  Kristen loves the 70’s, the music, the furniture, all of it.  She has a macrame plant holder.

4.  Cooking.  Thank God, or I would die some nights of starvation.  (Brief shoutout to my husband, who singlehandedly keeps me alive through his culinary wizardry.)

5.  Reading.  She doesn’t read just one genre, she reads all sorts of stuff, which impresses me.  I like what I like. Narrow minded and bitchy of me.

6.  Her friends.  Kristen is a great friend, loyal and kind and thoughtful.  She would give you the shirt off her back but only if you earned it. She chooses her friends carefully, and treats you like family if you make the ranks.

7.  Writing.  She writes the way I wish I could…her characters actually talk to her.  Mental health professionals may not agree, but I find this pretty fantastic.  She cares about Immortal Dilemma with ferocity, and she is completely invested in the success of Running Home.

8.  My kids.  Kristen is the only non-immediate family person to ever watch my children, and they love her.  Like cuddle up to her when they wake up from naps kind of love, and read her horoscope every day kind of love.

9.  Concerts.  Kristen could be a professional concert-goer, but without the cheap sluttiness associated.

10.  Me. And I am very lucky for it.

This post is approved by Julie Hutchings.


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3 thoughts on “Things Kristen Does Like

  1. I knew Kristen was totally awesome, she just happens to not like Twilight. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have a very complex, conflicted relationship with Twilight. I simply cannot hate something that inspired me to write my own novel. Yet being stuck in Bella’s point of view is precisely why I have multi-character POV in my book. Even though many of the people who read it as a “work-in-progress” wanted it to be written only in my main character’s POV!

    Twilight souvenirs & memorabilia are kitsch, of course, but my favorite nostalgia decade (the Seventies) is the defining era for kitsch (Avocado green shag carpet, 8-tracks, polyester leisure suits and the Village People. Need I say more?). Today’s Edward Cullen doll is the sparkling lava lamp thrift-shop find of tomorrow… 😈

  3. Luckily, my book was born before Twilight so I’m free to be at odds with it. There is a post somewhere in this madness called “The Dream” that talks about a–what else–dream I had after a few drinks and a concert on Independence Day, 2002. I actually moved to Las Vegas under the guise of doing research for that book, which I didn’t finish while I was there. I don’t even have what I wrote from that anymore. It’s in a landfill or a senior center or whatever happened to that computer.

    I HAVE a lava lamp. Are you surprised?

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