Deadly Ever After

I found this very interesting on the heels of Backspace. What are you going to do to be in that 5%? –Kristen

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What are the odds….really?

I didn’t even consider becoming a writer until 1999 after my father passed away suddenly. Funny how death can make us take a hard look at life, right? Anyway, I recall feeling soooo overwhelmed. I mean my odds of even getting published were about as good as winning the lottery. And the odds of becoming a best-selling author? Well, mathematically speaking, I had a slightly greater chance of being mauled by a black bear and polar bear on the same day.

It was all I could do not to give up before I began.

But, after almost 12 years doing this “writer thing,” I have a new perspective. Often it feels like we are the victims of fate, at the mercy of the universe, when actually it is pretty shocking how much of our own destiny we control. The good news is that if…

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  1. This almost made me cry. I AM THE 5%!!!! You Kristens suck for making me so emotional, but damn you make good points.

  2. Thank you for reblogging this. I’m happy to say I’m working towards my goals too.

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