Deadly Ever After

The Extreme Writing Adventures Of The Undead Duo

Today’s Brew:  WATER!  I’ve never been so dehydrated in my life.

Sitting in the gas line at the Montvale rest stop on the Garden State Parkway. It look us a little under two hours to get to the pump.

Julie and I are back from The Backspace Writers Conference.  We thought we would tell you about our trip in query form to show off our new skills.

When Kristen and Julie attempt to escape the Post-Sandy zombie apocalypse wasteland of New Jersey, they never imagined that Kristen would be tempted to offer sixteen year old boys sexual favors for their full gas cans. * They traveled to city that never sleeps for The Backspace Writers Conference.  Julie charmed agents  with Running Home and Kristen figured out what worked with Immortal Dilemma. They will do almost anything to get home to make the revisions needed in order for their books to kick maximum ass. They even faced the possibility of spending the entire weekend on the side of the highway, armed only with rice crispy treats, crumpled fishnets, and a stolen roll toilet paper in the backseat of the Corolla.  Hitting every diner they came across in the tri-state area for coffee and tuna melts, the girls conjure absurd stories to entertain themselves along the journey, much like this one.

THE EXTREME WRITING ADVENTURES OF THE UNDEAD DUO is a dystopian comedy, complete at 2.5 days.  There may be more episodes.  We’ll never stop being ridiculous yet driven towards success.  It’s how we roll.

*While there were sixteen year old boys with full gas cans, no sexual favors were offered or received. Everything else really happened.


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9 thoughts on “The Extreme Writing Adventures Of The Undead Duo

  1. So glad your both home safe. I liked your query styled post. Julie, what did they think about running home?

    • Thanks for asking! Great feedback on the voice and relationships I built. Excellent chances I think with at least one of these agents based on the comments on my voice alone. Making significant changes to highlight my mythology more and deepen Ellie’s character. And real spoiler alert…nobody said to do this and I actually never heard that vampires are overdone once in relation to my work, but I am toying with the idea of making it not so much about vampires… something I had been thinking for a while. I will do a blog post about it. I have a really cool idea, though and I may want to run with it.

  2. An excellent true story here! One of my friends has been texting me from NJ since Sandy, so I know your tale only scratched the surface.

    Brave of you to venture into Backspace under those conditions!


  3. I just said that you don’t put the entire plot into a query, just a taste…


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