Deadly Ever After

The Plan: A Short Story That Happened When The Undead Duo Got Bored

TODAY’S BREW:  Hot chocolate with butter shots.  Jealous?

Kristen and I did something we have done since days of old.  I wrote a line, passed Kristen the notebook, she wrote the next line.  Then I took over the middle because I am bossy.  The end was my idea, but Kristen wrote most of it.  It is a work created by the people, for the people and of the people.

Was there any reason not to do another shot?  The room spun, my stomach swam, but I braced myself to lift the little glass to my lips and down the booze.  This was all there was, all there would always be.  Jeff would always be my friend.

I looked up at him and smiled, embracing the warmth that spread through my body from the shot.  “Let’s go.”

“It’s that easy, huh?”  He smiled back, a familiar smile that I had known for almost forever.  Non-threateningly sexy, smart.  I was ready, finally, to do whatever he said.

“You know, once we do this, things will never be the same between us again,” he said, his shot glass hovering near his lips.

I closed my eyes for a second, sinking into the barstool, just praying not to fall off of it.  “I don’t want things to be the same.”

He curled a finger into my hair, a touch I wasn’t used to from him.  Were we ready to start doing things we’d never done before?

He chuckled darkly, grabbing the bar with both hands.  “Well, I can pretty definitely say you will get your wish.”

My heart pounded.  I smiled at him, putting my hand on his arm.  “I wonder what it will feel like?”

He bit his lip, his eyes watery with alcohol.  “Let’s find out.”

The cool crisp air slapped me in the face as we left the bar.  I scanned the parking lot.  “Over there.  That’s the one.”

He nodded.  Our pace quickened toward the woman in the back of the lot, fumbling in her purse.  She was perfect.

Tonight, we would find out how it felt to kill someone, and she would see how it felt to die.


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7 thoughts on “The Plan: A Short Story That Happened When The Undead Duo Got Bored

  1. Wasn’t expecting that ending. 😀

  2. Read Running Home? What about Immortal Dilemma? Is that vampire chopped liver or something? Geesh. I will take that fancy hairdo back, lady.

  3. And I will put a Christian Gray billboard outside your house. With audio.

  4. interesting and well written piece.

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