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A Lost Classic Found

Today’s Brew: Market Basket Tea. Don’t knock it til you try it.

In the late nineties, I loved watching Forever Knight. It was only on at midnight on Saturday nights. At that time, series weren’t available on DVD or on demand. I had to make an effort to watch when it was on. I feel like an old man telling one of those “when I was your age…” stories. Thankfully, Saturday Night Live was in one of it’s sucky periods so I was able to happen upon this show by happy accident.

For some bizarre reason I also had a big Rick Springfield kick in the late nineties. I know Rick was all the rage in the early eighties but I’ve never claimed to be ahead of the curve. I still enjoy Rick but the shine is definitely off ever since he was accused of getting loaded and punching his wife in the face or something equally nauseating.

When I found out that Rick Springfield was the orignal Nick Knight in the pilot for Forever Knight, I HAD to own this movie. HAD to. There weren’t a million copies of this puppy floating around so the competition was stiff. I lost many auctions on ebay trying to get it. Then I think I finally won a drawing for it…it was something out of the ordinary. I can’t remember what it was, but I was pumped. I thought I’d tossed it during a move, but when I unpacked my CDs and DVDs from storage, I still had it after all. This is why you should never get rid of anything. (You would think I’d be a great candidate for Hoarders, but I actually do enjoy throwing things out. I only hoard wall hangings.)

The movie was made in 1989 and is an early shell of what the series became. I don’t have a DVD player right now, or else I’d pop it in and give more specifics. The back cover blurb does mention Lacroix. I could have sworn Natalie was also in this, but there’s no mention of her.

Soon I will own a DVD player again (Julie finds my current lack of technology unacceptable) and I can’t wait to watch this again!


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4 thoughts on “A Lost Classic Found

  1. You might be able to watch it on your PC.

  2. I did not think of that! You are smarter than the average bear…or at least the average blonde. 🙂


  3. Shelby on said:

    (: I’m also in love with this movie!!

  4. The only thing they kept (besides the movie plot that became the pilot) between movie to tv show is John Kapelos as Schanke (which I am very happy to see!!) I must admit I enjoyed Nigel Bennett as Lacroix much more than Michael Nader. “All My Children”‘s Dmitri just didn’t “do it” for me as Lacroix – no polish, no smoothness, and, while the ego was there, it didn’t seem to fit with the rest of him.

    BUT I must admit I do love the movie! My night’s watching tonight is a “Forever Knight” marathon – “Nick Knight” onto all three seasons of the tv show.

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