Deadly Ever After

Like anything good, I found this when I wasn;t looking for it. I mean, that is one short story, and I love it. Enjoy!


I saw a ghost once, in the watchtower.

It stared back at me and waved.

I wondered if it was friendly like Casper. Casper would have smiled when he waved. This ghost didn’t smile. It watched me with dormant eyes and a grim line drawn across its mouth.

The past made it sad, something I could understand. It’s hard looking back on things you can’t change, even more so when you’re dead. The living are afforded the chance to amend their ways, forgive trespasses, embrace joy. Ghosts are chained to their reflections and forever haunted by regret.

I’m not going to be a ghost, I decided.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned.

Ghosts have a tendency to sneak up behind you, almost always when you least expect them.


– Written by Miss A October 6, 2012

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