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Halloween Makeup Basics!

Today’s Brew: Whatever it was that Julie made me. I had a lot of it.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Okay, the second most wonderful time of the year behind NFL Kickoff Weekend. It’s Halloween! Candy, horror, dress up, apple everything, how can we possibly go wrong?

The question on everyone’s lips should be: What are you going to be for Halloween?

My phone is ringing off the hook with requests for Halloween costume makeup. As I’ve mentioned before, I am a makeup artist by day and a mild mannered aspiring writer whenever time allows. Character makeup and guts and gore are hands down the most fun parts of my job. So far I’ve had requests for Chinese emperors, tequila bottle people, The Black Swan, and The Addams Family.

Since I can’t be everywhere at once to get you ready for your big Halloween extravaganza, here are a couple of quick tips to make you look totally kick ass so you win top prize in your costume contest!

* Get the good stuff! Those awful cream makeups sold at the fly by night seasonal costume shops suck. You’re starting early, you have time to do it right. I suggest Ben Nye Creme Colors. These are long lasting, highly pigmented, and easy to use. Best of all, they aren’t expensive at all. You can get bruise, burn and zombie color wheels as well. They have many varieties of blood and it’s actually the right color.

* Set your work! Everyone sweats in those heavy costumes, and even more after a couple of beers. There is nothing sexy about your face running off, even if you are a zombie. Keep all your hard work put. A translucent powder applied liberally over any cream makeup will set your creation nicely. You can also get setting sprays. Since I’ve already sent you the Ben Nye site, they’ve got a theatrical quality one. If you’re shopping last minute, Urban Decay has a great one that’s available at Sephora or Ulta.

* Make sure you have everything you need! If you’re applying face or body hair, you need spirit gum. Don’t forget spirit gum remover as well. Sometimes spirit gum doesn’t give the best results. Medical adhesive is even better. You will need 99% alcohol to remove. It can be ordered from your local pharmacy.

* Don’t forget the details! Pay attention to your ears, neck, hands, and any other exposed skin. Do you need teeth to complete your look? What about your hair and nails? Don’t half ass it, unless you’re hoping to win the half assed costume contest. Go big or go home.

* Be Careful getting dressed! You may want to drape tissue over your made up skin so you don’t get makeup all over your costume.

Have fun! Want to see more Halloween makeup tips?  Click here.  You’re welcome.


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3 thoughts on “Halloween Makeup Basics!

  1. Fangs and normal clothing do quite nicely for me around the time of Samhain. It’s really fun (sometimes downright hilarious) to see who notices my fangs when my appearance is otherwise normal (especially at work).

  2. That’s what I do, Daven. I custom made my own fangs out of the same material crowns are made. They’re so awesome.


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