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TODAY’S BREW: pumpkin, of course

It’s Horror Month here on Deadly Ever After! And also at every strip mall that features a Spirit of Halloween store.

Kristen and I love Halloween, though oddly, not getting dressed up in costumes. I am a little too low maintenance for that, and spend a little too much time doing it with the kids. Any day I get out of pajamas is like getting dressed up for me.

October promises all kinds of creep factor! We will feature a blogspot for our friend, JC Michael, and his fantastic horror novel, Discoredia. We are planning a trip to Salem! I am very excited for this, and haven’t been there in years. We will give you the scoop on how awesome that is. There will be plenty of zombie-related material, some courtesy of our good friend, Rob. (See Zombie pin-up calendars! Place your orders now!) We will find horror-related fashion, and horror art. We will post pics from my trip to Roger Williams Park Zoo’s Pumpkin Spooktacular, an annual tradition for the Hutchings family. (Hope for me that there is a Bea Arthur pumpkin again!) We will do a short story or two for you all. I will tell you my favorite horror movies and why, may favorite horror novels and why, my favorite everything about October and why. Why you ask? Because I can, that’s why.


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3 thoughts on “HAPPY HORROR MONTH!

  1. “Because I can. that’s why.”
    Love it.
    Great post, can’t wait to the pictures of all your outings.

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