Deadly Ever After

Kristen’s Fashion Crystal Ball

Today’s brew: half hot chocolate, half starbucks dark french roast.

Janelle sighed deeply as if to scold me. “Oh, Callie. You should come to the Strip with us. Get your mind off of things for a while. There’s this girl, Amanda, I met her in Pre-Calc. I started talking to her because she had the coolest combat boots I’d ever seen. They were silver and glittery! She’s from here. Anyway, she’s got a fake ID! She’s going to SCVC tonight. She knows some people who work there. She can probably get us in…”
I think there was more but I was more distracted watching Janelle get dressed for the night. She pulled on a fishnet shirt over her tank top. They made shirts out of fishnet?

Immortal Dilemma

Doc Martens combat boots have been the go to fashion accessory for any comfort conscious goth or punk girl for as long as I can remember. I created Amanda in the image of a Gothic Barbie Doll, a group leader that someone who was as fan girly as Janelle couldn’t help but follow and envy. Amanda had to make a fashion statement, so any old combat boots wouldn’t do. When I wrote this last fall, I was channeling David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust when I chose the footwear that would seduce the less fashion savvy Janelle. So imagine my surprise when I accompanied Julie on a trip to The Children’s Place clothing store and found these puppies:

I later found them in adult sizes. To be honest, the silver was a little much for my needs, so I got them in black:

They’re a hit. Not only have they garnered compliments from rock stars, but I wore them to work today, and the whole crew was buzzing about my feet.

What can I say? I’m ahead of my time. I guess we should keep a lookout for fishnet shirts!


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2 thoughts on “Kristen’s Fashion Crystal Ball

  1. Kristen,

    I believe Right Said Fred has some fishnet shirts. They are probably not using them anymore. Star power!

  2. Speaking of sheer coincidences: One of my Netflix movies last week (that I don’t recall ever seeing before) had some interesting similarities to my novel.

    Vampire Syndrome (my novel) = Gypsy vampire named Zetania, vampire husband cheats on his redhead vampire wife of several centuries with a black-haired mistress.

    Devils Of Darkness (1965, UK) = Gypsy vampire named Tania, vampire husband cheats on his black-haired vampire wife of several centuries with a redhead mistress.

    Good thing this film didn’t have Down Syndrome and alien vampires as well. 😈

    By the way, glittering Doc Martens are available on this side of the pond as well. 😉

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