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The Reason NYC is the City That Never Sleeps

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In researching vampire sightings, I came across a story from May 1, 2006 on Dan Spencer’s blog, California Yankee. I dug in a bit, and found this too interesting not to share. You deserve to know.

Hillcrest High School in New York City is being sued by one victim of attack from a “vampiress” in what has become a series of odd attacks. Michelle Melendez told The Post that the attacker drew blood on her neck, face, jaw and throat while she was waiting by school for a bus ride home. The girl “started slashing my face with something sharp, and she bit me.” Melendez thought the attacker was going for her jugular.

Michelle was dragged to the ground, struggling, and the vampiress would not let her bite up. Blood was everywhere, reportedly.

“‘She just bites like crazy–she eats your flesh. For some reason, she just likes to bite.”

Michelle Melendez was able to escape, but not without multiple cuts, bites, bruises and a broken finger. The victim still suffers nightmares that torment her sleep.

Plastic surgery was required to restore Melendez’s features.

Wow. This may taint my desire to visit 5th Avenue this Christmas.


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3 thoughts on “The Reason NYC is the City That Never Sleeps

  1. Oops, I messed up on that second link!
    Woman blames vampire for crash near Fruita
    Lucky for her, she dumped her SUV into the irrigation ditch when it was dry.
    When I took the photo in that blog post, the ditch was full of water.

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