Deadly Ever After

Red House

Today’s Brew: Sugar Free Rockstar. I’m not messing around.

Some of the fun of promoting our books is meeting amazingly talented people who share the same goals as we do. One of them is Dave Ireland, aka Casimir Greenfield, who not only is an author, but a musician as well. For our first ever guest blog on Deadly Ever After, I asked him to tell us how music influences his writing process.

I have two novels, hopefully close to print publication (does Amazon really count?) plus a third on the way.

Book Three has to be one of the most exciting projects I have embarked on.

Red House brings us haute couture, cult religion and the second coming, in a quartet of first person accounts of lives that become entangled to the point where only one can survive. But which one?

And then there is the music. I have recently released a new CD. It was during mixing that I came across the half-sized guitar at a local car boot sale. An hour later I was back in the studio, guitar and new song in hand. An open A tuning was inspiration enough. The song was Red House.

When I came out of the booth after a one-take session, I asked my partner in crime what she thought of my jolly little song. She looked pale and shaken. ‘Silence of the Lambs’ set to music was her opinion.

Since then, it has been oft referred to as ’the devil’s song…’
All I can say is, listen to the tune, and sign up for a copy of the new book…

See what else Cas has to say at his blog.


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