Deadly Ever After

Julie’s Token Twilight Day

TODAY’S BREW: Dunkin’s baby. This one’s all Julie.

You know you wanted it, and I wanted to give it to you. Put away grownup stuff for a moment. Enjoy reminiscing about staying up way past your bedtime and demolishing any chance of a productive Friday post midnight-movie-premiere.

Here, I share gratuitous photos of my favorite scenes in each Twilight movie…

Twilight: Edward leaning over Bella in the woods, between the rock walls. “And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.”

New Moon: Edward stepping into the sun.

Eclipse: The Jacob kiss before the fight scene on the mountain top.

Breaking Dawn, part 1: The first view of the wedding outside.

You’re welcome.

(Kristen’s take on Twilight…I read the books because my mall reading girls gushed about them. They thought I was crazy that I couldn’t stand Edward and routed for Jacob. Of course, this was pre movie and pre Taylor Lautner. Now they see my side of the story. I’ve read the books once and seen all the movies once, at midnight, with Julie. When she was working like a crazy person and had two super little ones, it was one of my only chances for Julie time. So I took what I could get! Now it’s our tradition. And even though I don’t get what you girls all see in Edward, Robert Pattinson, if you are looking for a new Kristen…call me.)


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