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Bonjour! French Vampire Mythology and Sightings

TODAY’S BREW: Gloria Jean’s Mudslide. Yeah, baby.

We thought it would be fun to give a little history lesson on vampires from around the world. While it sounds like the Disney ride nobody goes on, there is a lot of validity in some of these stories, and they are all interesting.

Today we go to France, briefly. The French are red hot lovers, so of course, their predominant vampire is all about sex. This is the Incubus. Before they were a rock band, Incubi were legendary “energy vampires” that preyed on women at night, sapping all of their physical and sexual energy.
The Incubus would drain their victims with tireless sex and tormenting their dreams. Our friend, the Succubus, is the female version of this predator, because the French are fair to all sexes.

In the 1700’s a mysterious French gentleman named Comte Sainte Germaine made a name for himself in the country. He was odd,eccentric, immensely intelligent, speaking 6 languages. He was unequivocally wealthy, and yet no one could say where his wealth originated. He kept the company of dukes and kings, even the philosopher, Voltaire. Sainte Germaine never seemed to eat, but was always sipping wine. His unique love of alchemy and knowledge of cosmetics and herbs had people assuming that this was the reason he maintained his youth so well.

Reported to have died in 1784, there have been several sightings of the man since. He continues even still to have an occult following to this day.
Next, our Disney tour takes us to New Orleans in the jazz age, the 1920’s. A man named Jacques Saint Germaine is popular in the city. Strangely, he has all of the same characteristics as our friend from France, Comte Sainte Germaine. One night, Jacques attacked a woman, and tried to bite her neck. The victim escaped…by falling off a balcony, but still alive, and ran to the police. Saint Germaine had vanished when the police rushed to find him. They searched his apartment, finding several blood-stained tablecloths. There was no food in the kitchen, only wine, which Jacques was always seen sipping. The officers poured themselves a glass, and were horrified to realize that the wine was mixed with human blood.

New Orleans also brings us the story of the brothers, John and Wayne Carter. They lived together in the French Quarter in the 1930’s. Times were hard, and they worked long, hard days as often as possible, doing not much else…or so it seemed. One night, a young woman ran from the Carters’ apartment with slashed wrists oozing blood. They were not cut to kill, but shallowly, so as to to drain her blood slowly. When they discovered her, the police rushed to the apartment where they found 4 other girls tied to chairs with the same cuts. They had been there for days. The Carter brothers abducted the women, and drank their blood at the end of their long work days when they came home at night. Police found 14 more bodies not long after. It took 8 officers to hold down these two reportedly average sized men when they were captured after one of their habitually grueling work days.

Both men were executed. Many years after their burial in the Carter vault, another family member was being buried in the same vault, as is often done. Both bodies had disappeared. There was later a sighting of both Carter brothers on their 3rd floor balcony, whispering to each other. They then jumped off of the balcony and ran away.

New Orleans has the highest murder rate in the country, as well as constant unexplained disappearances. While these circumstances are often credited to the tourism and way of life in the city, there are many who think otherwise.

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  2. heya I’m barbara I’m such a silly girl but I still particularly admired your posts

  3. I never knew about the Carter brothers. Some strange goings on there. 😀

  4. Tell me you are making this up… now I have to go look up the damn Carter bros woman!

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