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Why We Write About Vampires

In case you’re just joining us here at Deadly Ever After, we (Kristen and Julie) are here to get you acquainted with our recently completed books, Immortal Dilemma and Running Home. They are both vampire books, but that’s about where the similarities end in the stories. Our books would both be very different if we didn’t have our vampires driving the plot. But why did we choose to revolve our novels around these mythical creatures?

-Arguably, I already do have super strength, but I would like more, with a side of super speed.
-Vampirism seems to demolish any visible body fat.
-Writing about vampires shows off the dark underbelly of the imagination.
-The possibility that they actually exist is just too real. Like mermaids. I mean, did you see that documentary?!
-Vampires always seem to have one overriding emotion: passion. It makes them inherently sexy, intelligent, and cultured.
-Being a vampire gives a license for arrogance.
-Vampires always have plenty of money and go on great trips.
-Vampires get what they want.
-If I really like someone, I never want them to go away.


Vampires are frozen in the prime of their lives, and live by no one’s rules but their own. They have centuries to become as cultured, travelled, and seductive as they see fit. They have powers that humans just don’t have, making everyday life somewhat extraordinary.

Almost every guy I’ve ever met in a band is basically a big kid, suspended in the prime of their life, chasing the dream. They don’t always have to play by the rules…they’re musicians. They seduce people with their music. Chicks dig guys in bands…even if they aren’t hot. They travel all over the world. They have the extraordinary power of avoiding ever getting a real job.

See the connection?


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One thought on “Why We Write About Vampires

  1. I enjoy the challenge of explaining thousands of years of folklore (pervasive in virtually every culture in the world) in a fairly rational, scientifically plausible manner.

    Ultimately, this train of thought led me to a race of alien vampires, with their DNA pro-generating a large population of human vampire hybrids. The human body is evolved to be tolerant of garlic and sunlight. Scent aversion and sunburns notwithstanding, I just couldn’t rationalize the human body changing that much. However, an alien life form that evolved on a planet with full cloud cover and no native acidic plants (such as onions and garlic) would have no built-in evolutionary tolerance of garlic and sunlight. Think “War Of The Worlds”, where the aliens are impervious to an atomic weapons attack, then they die from exposure to Earth’s common viruses.

    The alien vampires’ bodies can generate their own inner gravity forces, thus explaining the folklore of vampires being able to cling to walls and ceilings. I know of no Earth life-form with its own inner gravity, but there are a few “immortal” life-forms (such as certain species of jellyfish). Since Earth’s “immortal” life forms are of much simpler DNA sequences than mammals, a slowdown of the mammals’ built-in aging process is arguably more realistic than halting said process outright. I say “mammals” because my universe includes vampire dogs, aka chupacabras.

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