Deadly Ever After

Polka dot Polka dot Polka dot Afro!

TODAY’S BREW: Kristen’s not here. It’s crap coffee.

Okay, I admit it, I am overwhelmed. While I generally find this to be a housewife standby for not being able to get out of your pajamas, I rarely admit it, and when I do, it is with reason.

So, I am starting to live the dream a little bit. I am a really easily pleased person, and I am overjoyed to have endless time with my family, and plenty of time to write, and plenty of time to stay in touch with friends, and to have time to work at my son’s school. And with a coffee and Zoloft cocktail, it is fantastic. But every once in a while it hits me that there is constant noise around me in my little apartment, and while I feel like I have been on the computer all day, I actually have only spent 5 minutes on it, while the majority of my time sounds something like this:

ME: What in God’s name are you two doing?
BENNETT: Building a racetrack with fine china, this roll of saran wrap and the dog. Do you like it?
SAM: Nononononono!
BENNETT: But I want that car!
ME: You have more cars than the Volkswagon dealership. Find a new one.
SAM: Juice! Juice!
ME: You want a juice, baby?
BENNETT: Can I have a snack?
ME: You haven’t finished breakfast.
BENNETT: Can I have a snack with my breakfast? You always let me do that.
ME: No, I don’t.
SAM: Knock knock knock. Trick or treat. Do you want some candy or a Sammy to eat? Sammy!
BENNETT: Did you hear Sammy?
ME: Yes, your little brother is funny.
BENNETT: I don’t want to watch this.
ME: I thought you were building a racetrack.
BENNETT: Wanna play legos?

Fast forward to 1pm. I still haven’t showered and I have eaten a leftover French toast stick. The kids are in their pajamas going nuts. It is time for the park, where we sweat until 5, pick up my husband from work, come home, have dinner, attempt to clean the house, and put the kids to bed before our sanity breaks.

Write a book! Go!

The insanity of this is that I did write a book pretty much under these conditions, plus a full time job with insane hours. It just took me 5 years. How do people work from home?! It looks good on paper, but if I punched a clock, it would look like I do nothing but ask for a nap.

At the end of the day, it is an incredibly satisfying exhaustion that propels me forward. I love waking up and knowing that my day is somewhat my own, and that I can be creative and show my kids how to do the same. I just wish there was time in between to plan how exactly I am supposed to write a book before the midnight hour with 2 toddlers in the house and do all of the social networking necessary to keep this ship afloat. Is there someone out there that has mastered this art form? If so, please find me. I am hiding in the bathroom.


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3 thoughts on “Polka dot Polka dot Polka dot Afro!

  1. Just when I got that song out of my head…it’s baaaaack. Thank you so much Julie.


  2. Hey, No Fair. How do you get to hide in the bathroom? Mine find me there and in the closet and under the bed!

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