Deadly Ever After

The Dream

Today’s Brew: Mudslide with vanilla soy. Julie calls my soy milk something unspeakable, but it doesn’t stop me from loving every second of it.

Picture it, Cambridge, Massachusetts, July 4, 2002.

My friend Kiva was in town for the holiday from New York. I decided to stay with her for the night. Since she’d moved away from Boston I didn’t get to see as much of her as I liked. Kiva’s always been kind of a calming, zen presence in my life. We weren’t sure what we were going to do to celebrate. Finally, we discovered that a glam band, Pretty Boy Floyd, was playing that night in Cambridge at a club we never heard of. We called everyone we thought might have some info. No one had ever heard of the place. We’d pretty much given up on finding the show, until we headed out to the parking lot of our hotel and found the club right next door to where we were staying.

Game back on.

Because we were totally on foot that night, I decided to have a couple of drinks. Okay, more than a couple. There were these delicious blueberry malted liquor drinks that existed that I’ve only been able find one other place, ever. We had a great time at the show and I was feeling pretty good afterwards. Sleep came easy that night.

We’ve all heard about certain foods giving people weird dreams when consumed before bedtime. That night, those blueberry drinks had the same effect. I had a dream about this girl trying to make her way in Las Vegas….it seemed so real to me. I had to bring it to life somehow.

But I’d only been to Vegas twice, once for a day and the other time for a weekend. My body of knowledge about the workings of the city was very small. Still, I felt very strongly about this dream, and soon after, I was making plans for a move to Vegas and I was going to write a book.

Apparently, Kiva must have left the TV on that night, because my dream turned out to be very similar to the movie Showgirls, once I finally saw it.

The move to Vegas happened, but the book did not. I stayed there for a year. My experience there was very different than I thought it would have been. I love the city, and will always consider it my home away from home, but I was glad to come back east.

Years later, as I again attempted to write a book, this time about a vampire rock band set in Los Angeles, something didn’t feel quite right about it. I decided to move the production about 300 or so miles east to Las Vegas. It was the perfect setting for a vampire rock band. Everything is always young in Vegas. It’s a 24 hour city, where outrageousness is celebrated. The more I thought about it, the more my story couldn’t be set anywhere else.

I had moved to Vegas originally because I wanted to write about what I knew. This time, I knew the city well. I was able to use it as a credible backdrop to Callie’s adventures in Immortal Dilemma.

What had at first seemed like a far fetched cross country venture finally came to fruition.


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