Deadly Ever After

Sequels, Prequels and Social Networking…Oh My!

TODAY’S BREW: some weird thing from Hannaford

It’s late.

Kristen just returned seconds ago from some big movie makeup job (yay, Kristen!), and I just returned from an hour nap with my 5 year old. Get ready to work!

Now, not so long ago, this is the time when both of us would have immersed ourselves totally in writing our first novels. We would both be in pajamas, drinking coffee against our better judgment, running up and down stairs doing laundry, talking about Callie and Tristan and Eliza and Nicholas like they were right there in the room. TV would be on, usually something more to amuse Kristen’s cockatiel than to amuse us, but occasionally I would be forced to watch Chronicle. There was always cookie making at the same time (God forbid we sit still), or minimally cookie-eating of Oreos. There was a pattern, and it was comfortable, and creative, and we flourished with it.

Kristen’s cockatiel, McGee.

Here we are, a year later, and the process of writing novels has evolved immeasurably. Just two days ago we sat together, room silent, looking at each other.

Julie: Wanna read what I wrote?
Kristen: Yeah! Eat some pizza.
Julie: I have no cash.
Kristen: Did I ask if you had any? Eat some pizza. What do we need to do tonight?
Julie: We gotta post my book on Authonomy. And we gotta check out how much it costs to go to the Agent Hoopla in November. Could go over some blog ideas.
Kristen: Are we writing at all? Are we drinking at all?
Julie: We could. Let me see what you have. And let’s go to the liquor store.

It was then that we realized that for the first time in a long time, our agenda was pretty undetermined. No agent queries to pull our hair out over, no blogs to worry about, now that we had a steady process between us for that, no laundry to do.

And no novels to write.

The fact of the matter is, we both have clear visions of where our stories go next. We can bounce our ideas off of each other and edit each other’s works in small doses, but we both prefer the most creative parts of the process be done alone now. Our sequels are both well underway, and now our biggest problems are just how in Hell do we do everything we need to do to ensure the success of our first novels while writing another one? Or two?

So, it was 11:00, and we went to Walmart. We wanted a dry erase board, and had no other serious pending matters. Dry erase board seemed like the answer to all of our problems. Office supplies change the game. We needed somewhere to write everything…big…that we need to do in a day from blogging, to writing our sequels, to writing our prequels/spinoffs, to stalking our backers on Authonomy, to facebooking. Looked like our job was a lot more now about social networking than it was about just nurturing our creativity. So, what do we do when we are together now? Sometimes, there is so much on your plate, it looks like there’s nothing on your plate. This is where we find ourselves now. Our routines require total recall, and we need to take the writing adventure to the next level.

What we have determined is that we both need to come to the table with a minimum of one new chapter per week to discuss. I need to work 5 days a week on Running Away, book 2, and spend the other 2 days on the prequel, with no more than 2 hours spent social networking of all kinds. Kristen just needs to survive her workweek in Movieland. But one thing that hasn’t changed is that we endlessly support each other and remain committed to keeping each other committed. We know that we will hold each other responsible for continuing this journey that has begun, and to make it into something greater than it is already.

The Undead Duo never rests in peace! (Get it? Rest in peace?)

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