Deadly Ever After

The Social Writer: Being Social Isn’t Just for Drinkers

TODAY’S BREW: Hazelnut. I like to call it Hazelnut Madness. No reason.

Last night, Kristen and I were up until the wee hours again, working on our aspiring writing careers. Sure, we drank, but not a lot, and it was Friday night, after all. Yeah, there was pizza, but a girl has to have an inspirational dinner, right? By the end of the night, though, we had posted Running Home on Authonomy for the world to see, we had reviewed ideas for a prequel to Immortal Dilemma, brainstormed on both of our sequels, and come up with a solid expectation for ourselves on how we need to divide up our days. After all, this adventure is no longer just about writing a fun little book. We have sequels to work on. I am working on both a sequel and a spinoff Young Adult novel. And the politics of social networking is a full time necessary evil.

I think I speak for both of us when I say that we both greatly look forward to these nights we have together. And we know how lucky we are to have them. It seems the resounding theme of writers everywhere is that being a writer is a lonely job. Sure, there are no teambuilding excercises, or weekly conference calls, or training modules with 20 people or more that you don’t want to associate with, like in Real Job X. I will go out on a limb so as to say that most of us might feel a little lonelier in the company of a bunch of people who don’t know we are writing books in our heads all day.

Kristen and I make writing a social event. The first time we wrote Immortal Dilemma together was in a bar, for crying out loud. We get out of our comfort zone (mentally…physically we are in sweatpants mostly), and we tell our crazy ideas to the other, out loud. It’s one of the only times we both feel really understood. And writing together has given us the courage to get our dreams out in the open. I tell people with pride now of my accomplishments thus far in writing…and immediately, I tell Kristen who I told and what the reaction was. Because we are in this together. Anything but lonely.

So, for all those lonely writers out there…writing is only lonely if you keep it to yourself. Get your craziness out there, so that you can be celebrated for being an original. Being alone and being unique are two different things.


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