Deadly Ever After

Since we just posted about dormitory eating in the first chapter of Immortal Dilemma, I thought I’d share this great post from Texana’s Kitchen!

Texana's Kitchen

Since back-to-school time is quickly approaching, I thought I would dedicate a post to it.  I am going to discuss cheap and easy foods for college students and others on a tight budget, and with limited kitchen access…..There will be ramen noodles.  And meat that comes from a can. My friends and readers in the culinary business, or die-hard foodies, may want to avert their eyes for this post.  

My sisters and I were fortunate growing up, in that my parents could afford both to send us to college, AND to feed us while we were there.   Bonus!

We were also fortunate in that we got to live off campus in nice apartments, with actual kitchens, and full size refrigerators.  I know that we all took this for granted, because in fact, we didn’t see much of what was going on behind dormitory doors. 

We did see dormitory life, but…

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