Deadly Ever After

Make Way For Book Two…What Happens Next?

(No coffee, just sushi.  Julie is out on her first date with her husband practically since they’ve had children, so tonight, Kristen is the Undead Uno.)

Julie and I were faithful about getting together once or twice a week during the writing stage of Immortal Dilemma.  We’d go over new stuff, talk about ideas, get me out of pitfalls, write a little, have treats, and do laundry.  I would read Running Home since she had it all written and was in the editing stage while I was still writing.  Since she had wrote most of her book in many notebooks and I typed mine on the computer, luck had it that we finished everything roughly at the same time.

We are still really good about getting together to work on book things. We’re probably better about it now than we ever have been.  But our focus has changed.  We’re coming up with blog material and promoting the blog.  Getting people to this site is a job in itself!  We have also been sending out preliminary copies of the book to friends who have promised to go over with a critical eye and give feedback on the stories.  That is very exciting and nerve-wracking.  We are hanging on their every word but we have to try to act cool about it.  Scariest of all, we’ve started to send out query letters to agents.  Every day without a rejection is a good day.

But when does this leave time for writing new material?  In addition to our passion for writing, we both work.  Julie works at a preschool and has two children that are not yet school age.  I travel all over New England between doing work on various entertainment projects as well as being an assistant regional manager for a cosmetic company.  There are only so many hours in the day.

Now that people are reaching the ends of our books, they find that they are both book one. They want to know what happens next!!  Julie plans a trilogy, while I may be able to wrap things up in two books.  Plus, on the wild and crazy assumption we can get a lot of people reading these books for real, we are going to need have more material ready. But when can we do it?

I come up with some of my best material when I am driving.  Many times, I allot extra travel time in case there’s traffic, so I arrive to my destination well before work starts.  I can frequently be seen in random parking lots scribbling down my ideas on any piece of paper I can find in the car.  Today and many days, it’s the back of my mapquest directions.  I wrote some of a romantic scene for Immortal Dilemma on a chiropractor receipt while waiting for my appointment.  The lady in the waiting room with me insisted on talking to me about my cute purse while I was writing it…she probably couldn’t understand why that would have made me blush so much.  I felt like I’d been caught doing something naughty in public.

Julie is also a parking lot author…she drove her kids around in hopes they’d go the f to sleep.  While she was held hostage in the vehicle by sleeping babies, she made constructive use of her time.  She also works well late at night.  Her best work is basically done while the kids are sleeping.

We’ve realized we need to structure our writing time together better…it’s that time during the week we have to dedicate solely to our books.  We have to go back to holding each other accountable for coming up with new material on a regular basis.  And Blog.  And send out letters.

It’s a very exciting time for us.  Like I say all the time about my makeup work, it’s not a job it’s an adventure!

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5 thoughts on “Make Way For Book Two…What Happens Next?

  1. How are the sequels coming along?

    • Hey Mari! Thanks for asking! Running Away is kicking some serious ass. Lots of fun, lots of surprises, and lots of new vampires. Immortal Forever (if Kristen doesn’t mind me saying so) is ready for some attention after her near finish of Seasons in the Sun, the prequel, and she is rearing and ready to go.

  2. My characters are not as well behaved and are still trying to wrap their heads around the fact they are now gainfully employed. Apparently they are more delightful than I thought!

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