Deadly Ever After

In Related Book News…

(By Kristen)

On Tuesday, I was interviewed by Marc Zumoff, the television play-by-play voice of the Philadelphia 76ers, for a textbook he is co-writing about sports broadcasting.  The textbook, Total Sportscasting: Performance, Production and Career Development, is slated for release in Spring of 2014 by Focal Press.

We talked about the importance of putting your best face forward for camera, and what camera ready meant.  For most sportscasters, that means polished and neat.  In makeup and hair terms, that means well-groomed, even skin tone, and shine kept to a minimum.  We talked about the challenges HDTV cameras present for makeup and hair application.  We also went over application basics for sportscasters in smaller markets who would be responsible for getting themselves ready for camera.

This was such a fun opportunity!  I also work as an assistant regional manager for a cosmetics line and I love the educational component of that job, so sharing know how with a new audience was great as well.  I am really honored to have been contacted for this project.

Marc blogs too!  Check out to see his thoughts on coaching and television and radio performance.


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