Deadly Ever After

I Can’t Work Under These Conditions!!

Today’s Brew:  French Vanilla for Kristen, Hazelnut for Julie’s Hazelnut kick.

Here is an account of what most of our early (and late) writing adventures.  Kristen has texted Julie early in the day to say she is effing stuck and needs help.  Julie gets managerial.

Enter, stage right, Captain Bill’s summer rental on the beach, where Kristen is staying.  Julie is toting a White Stripes tote bag full of notebooks and a laptop, as well as the laundry of a small family.

Kristen:  Wanna put laundry on first?

Julie:  Yes.  Let’s get that over with, then you can make me some coffee.

Kristen (as we walk down the dangerous spiral stairs):  You know where the coffee is.

Julie:  I am a guest in this house.

Kristen:  I want you to feel at home.

Julie:  I don’t want to feel at home.  I have too much to do at home.  I want to feel like a guest.  Make me some coffee.  Please.

Kristen makes the coffee.  Julie requests use of the half and half she keeps here so she does not have to drink soy milk.

Julie:  So what’s the issue?

Kristen:  I don’t know.  Read what I wrote.

Julie reads what Kristen writes.  Julie gives Kristen some fabulous ideas.

(switch today’s brew to Godiva Cinnamon Gingerbread Truffle)

Then this happens….

Julie:  (moves away from laptop) Okay, go!

Kristen:  Now?  I can’t write like that.

Julie:  You asked me to help you fix it so….

Kristen: But I can’t just write when you say “go!”

Julie: Then why did you ask me to come over?

Kristen:  To help me.  I don’t know…I have to walk around, get a cookie or something.  What are we watching?

Julie puts on Storage Wars.

Kristen:  Oh my God, not that!

Julie:  (insert anything here about old people TV, such as Chronicle or Wheel of Fortune)

Julie:  Fine, I’ll do the laundry.

Inspiration strikes Kristen and something fabulous gets written.


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